Tom Heyman, Oscar Heyman

Tuesday, February 15 at 12 noon

Join Tom Heyman for a peek behind the curtains of the “Jewelers’ Jeweler” and view a vast array of historical and contemporary jewels. Tom will discuss the history of Oscar Heyman, a third-generation, family-owned American jewelry house which specializes in exquisite colored gemstones and expert manufacturing. The story of Oscar Heyman reaches from a Fabergé factory in the early 1900s, to stone cutting centers in Colombo and Sri Lanka, and to the company’s 110-year-old archives and self-contained workshop on Madison Avenue.

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Dr. Raquel Alonso-Perez, Ph.D. Curatrix at The Mineralogical and Geological Museum, Harvard University

Tuesday, February 22 at 12 noon

Join Dr. Raquel Alonso-Perez for a behind-the-scenes look at the collections of the Mineralogical and Geological Museum, Harvard University (MGMH). The MGMH is the oldest, continuously operated mineral museum in the United States with a collection that dates to the late 18th century. Dr. Alonso-Perez will discuss the main highlights of the collection, its history, and its science.

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Cherie Burns, Author

Tuesday, March 1 at 12 noon

Join author Cherie Burns as she discusses her book Diving for Starfish – The Jeweler, The Actress, The Heiress and One of the World’s Most Alluring Pieces of Jewelry, published by St. Martin’s Press in 2018. In Diving for Starfish, Cherie picked her way through the labyrinthine world of fine jewelry, following the flow of rare pieces from Paris to Los Angeles, documenting the glamorous bosoms on which they had rested.

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Levi Higgs, Head of Archives & Brand Heritage at David Webb

Tuesday, March 8 at 12 noon

Join Levi Higgs the Head of Archives & Brand Heritage at David Webb for a live tour of the David Webb archive. Levi will give a glimpse behind the scenes of the American jeweler, looking at the drawings and records to explore the history of the firm from the company’s founding in 1948 through today.

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