Our Auction Strategy

Our biannual fine art and jewelry auctions together with our annual silver and decorative arts auction and fine rugs and carpets auction offer a dynamic opportunity for buyers and sellers. This collective approach fosters cross pollination of bidders across collecting categories. By limiting our auctions to four times a year, we create demand. Each auction is an event that is eagerly anticipated by both buyers and sellers.

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Curation and Catalogues

Our auctions are thoughtfully curated by the directors of each of our departments. They work independently and collectively to ensure we are offering only the highest quality and most collectible items on the secondary market today. Despite the industry-wide trend to go fully digital, we continue to publish a printed catalogue for each auction as we find that a tangible record remains beneficial for many. However, we are always innovating and have a state-of-the art website complete with comprehensive online catalogues, digital exhibition walkthroughs, and a bidding platform that features video and audio live streams of our auctions. Whether in print or online, we are committed to capturing your interest.

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Your Local Auction House

While we are an active member of our own Beacon Hill community, we treat every client as if they’re our neighbor. In a digital world in which most auction participation occurs remotely, our auctions continue to draw standing room only crowds as our gallery serves as a cultural hub for the local community. No matter where you are located, we invite you to engage in our community whether you are a buyer, seller, or fan. We love to share our passion for the interesting, historical, beautiful, and rare.

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