19th Century Jewelry

19th Century Jewelry is characterized by romantic, grand, and aesthetic qualities, all of which contribute to the category’s consistent success at auction. As metalworking techniques became more sophisticated, and gemstones slowly grew in abundance, the delicate designs of the first half of the century evolved into the extravagance of the arts and crafts movement, with items from each era bringing consistently impressive results, of which our fine jewelry sales have been no exception.

Gold, Silver, Ruby, Diamond, and Natural Pearl Brooch
Sold: $170,800

Gold and Diamond Necklace
Sold: $40,625

Tiffany & Co. Gold, Silver, Diamond, and Pearl Bracelet
Sold: $37,500

Yellow Gold, Diamond, and Gemset Brooch
Sold: $31,720

Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Demantoid Garnet, Pearl and Ruby Butterfly Pendant / Brooch
Sold: $31,250

Platinum, Sapphire, and Diamond Ring
Sold: $13,420

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