Modern & Contemporary Art

Modern and Contemporary paintings consistently achieve top results in our fine art auctions. The bold statement works by a diverse array of artists that comprise this important collecting category appeal to a new generation of homeowners, and paintings in this department routinely far surpass their pre-sale estimates.

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Wolf Kahn

Early Spring
1969, oil on canvas
50 x 50 in.
Sold: $61,000

Ellen Gallagher

Lips and Paper
1993, ink, oil, and collaged paper on canvas
72 x 64 in.
Sold: $156,250

Friedel Dzubas

1973, acrylic on canvas
30 x 22 in.
Sold: $24,400

Angel Botello

Mother and Child
oil on board
30 x 24 in.
Sold: $24,400

David Hockney

1989, gouache on card stock
9 x 18 in.
Sold: $37,500

George Rodrigue

Miss 4th of July
1971, oil on canvas
30 x 36 in.
Sold: $43,750